Thursday, June 17, 2010

As Promised

The lingerie shower (held Memorial Day weekend) went well. Marie, Belinda and I trekked out to Lake Graham and relaxed in the sunshine, giggled at Glamour magazine articles, ate a great deal of food, took the jet ski to an alarming speed, and of course, looked at panties.

(Pictures not found)

A much different shower I did attend the weekend prior with Koby in Plainview, Texas. In attendance was much of my extended family, and thus the average age in the room was probably 64. I loved it and it was so very good to see my GranAu and GranDad - I don't get out to the farm much to visit them and I wish I did. My lovely aunts Laura and Twyla threw me the shower and did a wonderful job of making shy Koby feel comfortable.

(Pictures coming)

The last day of school HAPPENED. About two weeks ago. Yes, two weeks ago today. It was funny - I'd been anticipating the day as much as the students (more, probably. Are they getting married and going to Jamaica in a few weeks' time? I think not) and yet I kept forgetting nearly each time the bell rang on the final day, "This will be the last time I see my third period," and so forth. The kids, meanwhile, were so absorbed in talking about summer plans and the recent end-of-year-prank (not that impressive, even for 8th graders) and trampling each other on out the door that a small few said Goodbye to me on their way out. Of course, now thinking back on it, I don't remember ever saying 'bye' to a teacher in middle school. I distinctly remember, however, the three black steps I'd climb down on the school bus that led to FREEDOM on that very last and glorious day.

And so, all this being weeks ago, much has happened since. Koby and I traveled to Ft. Worth, ate at the near-fabled Uncle Julio's (I had ribs), met with our amazing, astounding florist Deitra, and then continued our journey to Sulphur Springs, where we watched our friends Chelbie and Sonny get married. I was very envious to find out they were to enjoy an 11-day honeymoon in Cancun... I am sure they had an amazing time! The event was doubly fun because we were also able to see Candace and Layne again, a couple who we very much wish would wake up and realize the PLACE to BE is Sweetwater, Texas, or at least much nearer to us.

The next weekend we again boarded the Red Rider and traversed to Austin - but only for one night. Our mission: retrieve my wedding dress. The mission proved more difficult than expected (but not impossible), as my well-meaning seamstresses had taken my dress in a tad too much. (Though I had explicitly directed them I did not want ANYTHING squeezing, oozing, or popping out of the top of my dress. Things were doing all of the above and it wasn't flattering or very Christian-like.) Thus, we were delayed in our return, though we did get to eat at the Iron Cactus (I had chicken enchiladas and my dress was noticeably tighter when I returned hours later for my third fitting. I was uncomfortable about this and shared the details of my too-large meal with all the other employees and brides-to-be in the room.).

In our car, Koby and I headed back to Abilene while my parents headed to Albany. I was scheduled for my bridal portraits that Sunday morning with my EXCELLENTWONDERFULAMAZINGLOVELYTALENTED photographer, Brooke. The pictures went well, but the June sun didn't hide for long. Heat + toulle + wind = sweaty, itchy legs and sweaty, itchy bride. It was fun any ways and I can't wait to see them!

So now it's this week. I have been working on my project examples for the art camp I am teaching next week at the Grace Museum. I'll be posting those pictures as soon as I have adorable student art to post with them as well. I'm getting excited - I have the wee ones, brand new 1st-3rd graders. As in, most will probably be fresh from the kindergarten. As in, we will need to review rules like 'Don't pick your nose' and 'Don't eat the glue'. While I'm not there, I'm still working at the Country Club, but I've just put my two-weeks in THIS EVENING and I am quite sad neither of my roommates (Belinda and Christina) are here to celebrate this happy fact with me.

Koby, during all of the times he's not obligingly zooming across the state of Texas with me, has been working for UpWind in Sweetwater. We feel so blessed that he's been able to begin this job. Being roommateless tonight makes me appreciate how lonely he must feel though - he's been living in our house alone all summer, in a town where both of us know just a handful of people. I'm grateful his uncle's family lives close by - they are so sweet and fun and have really helped us out when we need to borrow things (probably annoying) or know where to find something in town. I have been able to visit our sweet little house a few times, to help put things away and make it feel more like a home, but I know Koby will enjoy the house much better once he has someone to share it with. Our dogs even have to stay outside (but we have a GREAT backyard with pecan trees and paths and a shed...) because the entire (entire but the the bathroom) house is carpeted and we both have had it up to HERE with dog hair on our clean clothes before we're even out the door in the morning.

Twenty-two days until the wedding!