Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Squid Zone

Day two is now tucked under my belt. It was a little bit noisier today, but this is because we had a lot of wait time in between steps. For example, did you know that six and seven year olds, who can tie their shoes, cannot tie two pieces of flagging tape together? Thus, my helpers and I found ourselves helping nearly every student at least three times today, as we were also TAPING. TAPING is awful. You can't pass it out, because it will get stuck everywhere, duh. And you can't have tiny little fingers trying to find the dang near invisible line that shows where the end of the tape is on the roll... not to mention that tape ON the kite in excess or in shortage would undoubtedly be a problem... The first half of the day felt like a jerky, stop-and-go rollercoaster ride that never really reached its momentum. By momentum I mean silent camp babies working on projects for more than one minute before needing assistance. Which is nice for teachers and helpers.

We also did tee shirts, which meant a lot of waiting around time. I tried to fill this time with the beginnings of the next project, but didn't want to get too into it when not all the students were able to listen, which leads to "What am I supposed to do" being asked three thousand times. So we started our next project and then a LOT of adding onto the day's warmup drawing activity commenced. Today's prompt: Draw the BEST pet.

Flying cat. (And lots more!)

Tree house complete with haunted house and artist himself. Pet not found.

Squid and Monkey. (Sounds like a new t.v. show.)

We also named our pets. This little girl named her (?) '100'.

It takes a long time and a very controlled environment to make shirts like these with minimal mess.

And here is mine.