Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enter Amelia

Against our better judgment, Koby and I adopted a kitten. Koby's uncle, Kirby, has a cat that had a litter about 8 weeks ago. So, for about 8 weeks, I have been talking about our new cat. (This imaginary cat was originally named 'Hagrid the Cat', but we ended up with Amelia. Koby named her.)

We brought Amelia, now called Meli (Mee-lee, because Amelia can be hard to say), home a few nights ago and we are all learning to live together. Meli Cat likes to play, lick my face, sit on my shoulder and sniff my ears. She was shy for about the first ten minutes after arriving at her new dwelling, but we quickly saw her true colors. She chases her tail, uses the litter box without prompting, will sit still until I get out the camera, and enjoys plastic Walmart bags. Koby pretends he doesn't like her and the scratches on my wrists and legs are already healing. Things are going well in the Andrews house. Bonney and Sophie haven't met Amelia yet (actually I don't know if Sophie has ever met a cat), but I think Meli will be able to fend for herself when the time is right. (She is very fast and easily able to avoid Koby and me when we are trying to put her in the bathroom, where she sleeps.)

Dogs are still better.

***DISCLAIMER*** I know, I know. Our house is a wreck. Not Meli's fault. We are still unpacking and have run out of room to put things. In the very near future Koby and I will be making a very generous donation to the Goodwill establishment.