Sunday, August 8, 2010

GP2010: Nothing is Safe

There are just a few weeks before Koby and I head back to school in ways we've never gone back to school before... so we've been soaking up the remaining summer weekends while we still can.

On Friday we headed to Graham to pick up some things from his parents' house and attempted to spend money that we have to a local home interiors store. We caught up with Koby's friend Ross and hit the road the next morning to Throckmorton, to fish there and visit Koby's grandparents, Gram and Pop.

It. Was. Hot. And the fishing wasn't good. Within the first ten minutes I had two bites - the first I hung then my line got caught up on something, and in Koby's fervent effort to free my hook, he broke my pole. My second fish disappeared without a trace about a foot from the shore. Koby caught a crap (I mean carp) and I caught one bass. That's it. Not much to show for a few hours in the hot sun.

We took to throwing water on each other to keep cool(er). I wasn't expecting this shower, however.

Very near calling it quits.

Anyway, after dinner at Gram and Pop's and a long drive back to Sweetwater, I was glad to be home and SHOWER! and see Amelia, who depressed me by growing bigger while we were gone.

Today has been a lazy Sunday. Well, lazy for Koby. I have been engaged in what will be known as the Great Purge of 2010, or the Single Greatest Gift to Goodwill per Christie and Koby Andrews to date. Here is our room in the midst of the GP2010.