Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bucket List

We were watching the Rangers game when Koby turned to me from nowhere and said, "Do you want to make a bucket list?" Sure.

(See if you can guess who's odds and who's evens.)

Koby and Christie present

1. Write a novel.
2. Coach a State Championship team.
3. Sell a painting for over $500.
4. Kill a record-book buck.
5. Invent a published recipe.
6. Go to Alaska.
7. Help a student get to college.
8. Eat a Kobe steak.
9. Ride a gondola in Venice (and visit the rest of Italy).
10. Get a Master’s Degree in Administration.
11. Throw a perfect pot on the wheel.
12. Go to a George Strait concert.
13. Visit the Northeast.
14. Make our own wine.
15. Have my own studio.
16. Own at least a section of land.
17. Take singing lessons.
18. Learn to play the fiddle.
19. Own an English bulldog (and name her Ramona).
20. Shoot par on 18 holes.
21. Own a boat.
22. Read the entire Bible.
23. Learn to sew properly.
24. Kill a banded duck.
25. Plant a garden.
26. Coach the Graham Steers.
27. Build a the best tree house for the kids.
28. Take taxidermy lessons.
29. Make a quilt.
30. Own a cross-bow.
31. Run a half-marathon.
32. Kill an antelope.
33. Make our own candles.
34. Own a welder and a cutting torch.
35. Live in a two-story house.
36. Visit the Milk River in Montana.
37. Visit a pub in Ireland.
38. Own an artifact that belonged to Billy the Kid.
39. Buy a painting worth at least $500.
40. Have a son.
41. Build something larger than a coffee table.
42. Buy a vehicle for someone who needs it.
43. Own a pair of lovebirds.
44. Catch a 50+ lb. yellowcat.
45. Learn how to fly-fish.
46. Be a Best Man in somebody’s wedding.
47. Attend a Broadway musical in New York.
48. Go fishing for Red Fish in a bay.
49. See the pyramids of Egypt.
50. Own a pair of Redbone hounds.

51. Bring olive oil home from Greece.
52. Never be in another car accident.
53. Build an AP Art Program.
54. Snare a coyote.
55. Open my own greeting card/stationery business.
56. Kill a deer with a bow.
57. Build/have a 2-way fireplace.
58. Make my own pocket knife.
59. Visit Harry Potter World in Florida.
60. Go on vacation to Hawaii.
61. Retire before I’m tired.
62. Catch a ball at a Rangers game.
63. Visit Russia.
64. Go to Gettysburg.
65. Eat sushi in Japan.
66. Build my own smoker.
67. Cook a turkey (with all the dressin’s) by myself for Thanksgiving.
68. Take our children to Lake City, Colorado.
69. Make my own pasta.
70. Bench 300 lbs.
71. Hike through a tropical rainforest.
72. Kill a limit of dove in 20 shells or less.
73. Have a profitable ‘homemade’ business.
74. Eat a rabbit.
75. Be able to pay for our children’s college.
76. Visit the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C.
77. Visit Amish Country.
78. Learn to play chess.
79. Learn to make stained glass windows.
80. Coach a student who ends up becoming a professional athlete.
81. Knit a scarf (that looks like a scarf).
82. Eat at the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, CO.
83. Make the front page of the newspaper (for something good).
84. Bowl a 200+ game again.
85. Write a screenplay.
86. Coach an All-Star Game.
87. Take pastry classes.
88. See an F-5 tornado (and live to tell the tale with all remaining limbs).
89. Milk a cow.
90. See a real castle.
91. Own a house with a window seat and a breakfast nook.
92. Live in a house outside the city limits.
93. Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a fancy hat.
94. Kill a ringtail.
95. Visit the Louvre.
96. Visit the pawn shop on ‘Pawn Stars’ in Vegas.
97. Go to Vegas.
98. Hit a 100 mph pitch.
99. Own a house near a beautiful body of water.
100. Go to a PGA event.

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