Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hope the Blob likes Frosting



I feel that the above illustration and reference to early 90's television commercials should speak for itself, but in case you haven't gotten the hint, pregnancy is making me stupid.

On a daily basis I find myself forgetting things, losing things, jumbling words, confusing myself during conversations, and most likely confusing others who pity the poor crazy pregnant woman gibbering in circles and don't say so. Despite my deadened brain cells, frumpy appearance (maybe I'll do another blog about what pregnancy does to hair follicles) (and the fact that Koby accidentally threw away my last pair of contacts), and still the occasional upset stomach, I really do love being pregnant. I feel less wound-up about things, and even though I don't necessarily feel like 'myself', it's not in a negative way. (Remind me to read this entry next time I'm pregnant and still in my first trimester. Or maybe this pregnancy, in my third trimester.)

In other news, the above 'brain' became one part of a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. On Friday the 'home economics' teacher (for lack of a better description, and actually I don't really know the accurate description) asked me be one of the judges for the cake decorating contest her classes were participating in. An innocent request, but I for one will tell you that it is hard for a pregnant woman to judge a contest involving food when 'judging' does not entail 'consuming'. And thus I found myself buying the ingredients for this sub-par cake. For future reference, strawberry cake mix out of the box is not as delicious as it may sound. But cream cheese icing out of the can is. Especially when slightly heated in the microwave and eaten with your fingers.

Look, "C" for cooking. Or Christie. Or craving.

Now, before you judge my prowess in the kitchen, I want to tell you a few things.

Thing 1: Icing a bundt cake is a risky business. There must be a trick. **Now that I have googled 'icing a bundt cake' I see that this 'trick' is to lazily drizzle icing over the top, which I believe is an ineffective use of scrumptious frosting. (This coming from a girl who has always hated frosting. And yes, if you must know, I am getting sort of fat. I only just stopped myself from eating a piece for breakfast, but only just.)

Thing 2. It's a bundt cake because I was mistaken in believing that we had cupcake pans, which was in fact my true craving. (I have also never been especially fond of cupcakes.)

Next time I want to get a lemon flavor. After I use the Funfetti mix I already bought.

I am really getting excited about the next few months - I know my stomach will *really* start to show AND we'll find out the gender of our little baby! At the same time, I'm trying to soak up this time before Blob makes his/her appearance, when I can still think of Koby as just 'husband' and not 'husband and dad'... although we've had over three years to ourselves, it's flown by and will forever be changed before we know it. It's hard to believe that just a little bit over 7 months ago we weren't yet married, we had no idea where we would be living, I didn't have my job and I had never even heard of Colorado City. And now we are living in a beautiful house, I love my job, we love being married AND we're having a baby? I have to pinch myself when I stop and consider how much we've been blessed in such a short amount of time.

*** Ahem, an addendum. ***
Koby doesn't remember the "Your Brain on Drugs" commercials and scoffed when I said, "Maybe you're too young..." (I am two years older.) After consulting Wikipedia, I have decided that the commercials ran for a few years after their debut in 1987 (how much t.v. was I watching as a 2-3 year old? Apparently, a lot) and this is why Koby (b. 1988) does not remember them, but I (b. 1986) do. Here is a link to one of the commercials for those who need a reminder, who need to see it for the first time, and for those who would like to take a trip down memory lane.