Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inches of Ice

Hello, first snow of 2011 and first snow of this entire winter. I can't believe on Saturday it was around 75 degrees outside. In fact, it was so hot it made me feel sick after standing in the sun and "helping" Koby put up part of our new privacy fence. This cannot be a good omen for what is to come as my belly grows, as does the nasty summer temperature.

Koby and I were both supposed to work today, but after slipping and sliding around on inches of solid ice before even getting to the interstate, we decided it just wasn't worth it. Koby is the designated sub for the Ag teacher, who will be gone for most of February to stock shows. I feel a little bit guilty because I had NOTHING set up for a substitute, but my students are (fairly) trustworthy, and the ones that are actually there (no bus routes today) should know exactly what to do.

Speaking of the students, they finally know the big Blob News. Turns out there were 'rumors' going around that I was having a baby among the student body, and some guys (too chicken to ask me) finally broke down and asked Koby during second period last Friday. After being assaulted by not-so-covert 'Congratulations' from some self-satisfied students who finally were "in the know", I told my own classes. Their reactions were among the most dramatic of anyone we've told yet - there was applause, gasping, and literally shouting when they were told about the baby. Many were audibly disgruntled that I had not told them when I first found out in November ("You LIED to us, Mrs. Andrews, you LIED! How could you do that? How could you not want to tell us the moment you knew?"), most were deeply offended that they wouldn't be invited to any family baby showers/parties and insisted that we have parties at school, including a replica of the 'Gender Revelation' party we are planning for March, and all began asking uncomfortably personal questions so as to make educated predictions about the gender of the baby. (If they guess right, they receive bonus points on... something. I haven't decided yet and they were too excited to ask.) They are very curious to know about the symptoms I am experiencing, how much I have vomited to date, and what we will name the baby (all are suggesting their own names). Every class period demands to be the very first to know the gender of the baby - it all feels nice. It's good to feel supported (in a manner of speaking) by my students. Through their ridiculous requests ("Bring your baby to school!") I hear, "I care". Maybe I'm reading too much into the hoopla, but I'll keep hold of my wishful thinking.

Koby says no one will read this entry because it's too long, so with the aim of brevity, I'll leave you with this picture of our new (built in 1925) house in Colorado City. More to come!