Friday, April 1, 2011

Every One Else is Doing It

Urban Outfitters, Stamped Rose Batik Curtain

I keep noticing that people my age are 're-decorating' their houses and things... or at least I see this on their blogs, as I generally do not live within 75 miles of anyone my age. Not to be outdone, I am 'decorating' (for the first time, as in finally finishing) our bedroom. Baby steps. Then I will 'redecorate' my floor with dirty clothes.

On their way to our house at this moment are our brand new CURTAINS! To finish covering the windows in our bedroom. My excitement for these window treatments is two-fold.
1. I like decorating things (I'm not very good at it but I enjoy it) and
2. It wilI hopefully end Koby's tirade against our great provider of Vitamin D, your friend the Sun.

Allow me to explain. I have married an anomaly of a man, a paradox of a person. (Johnnie, the lady who ran the B&B in Tennessee where we stayed so wisely quipped after hearing about my childhood crush on Elvis Presley, "Well it looks like you married John Wayne!") Let me tell you why: Koby, who insists upon being outside a good deal more than the average person, when indoors loathes natural light for whatever reason. I sincerely believe the boy would live in a cave if he could. Before we were married and while we were still looking for houses to rent he actually picked one with no windows - I nearly had a panic attack.

Any way, all of this to say I have been sweetly motivated on a daily basis to do something about the windows, which are enormous and let in a great deal of light. (I LOOOOOVE it. I'd rip off the mini-blinds if I could and bask in the glorious sunshine all day. Let the neighbors see my undecorated room: I LOVE NATURAL LIGHT.) So I bought these curtains for $14.99 a panel at Urban Outfitters to coordinate with some black treatments we already have. (Yes, I know they're very sheer and see-through. I'm hoping that the illusion have HAVING curtains will be enough and even the minimal amount of light blocked by the curtains will be enough to calm Koby's outrage against the sun. My original plan was to paint the room a dark color, thereby tricking him into thinking he was in a cave-like room while still allowing light in.... but we're not allowed to paint. So this is my last Ace in the hole.)

Maybe I'll post pictures of our 'decorated' room later, but probably not. Just being honest! But do expect some more foxes...