Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hooray for Marriage!

This picture is Koby and I laughing at how long it took my mom to take a picture after we ate at Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis. It's like a resort there now, I hardly recognized it.

Koby and I just got back from visiting Austin this weekend. We have been trying to go for weeks and were finally able - my parents graciously gave us the armoire that used to be in my room for the nursery... and of course (as usual) we left Austin with about five times more than we came with: half on purpose, half because my mom already can't resist buying things for the Blob. Even if he may not use them until he is 2. I love it.

Short post tonight because I am EXHAUSTED from basically doing nothing at all during the past few days. Before I go, quick congratulations again to our friends Derek and Kim, who got engaged this weekend! Hooray for marriage!