Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Case Scenario

Umm, how have I not shouted this from the proverbial rooftops?

KOBY GOT A JOB AT OUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! He is now the elementary P.E. teacher and will be coaching girls athletics (we think).

Adios pumpjacks and pushers, hello four square and flag football! (Do children still play four square? Do I even remember how to play?) We are so excited. I am so proud of him. We kept our mouths shut about it until the board meeting last week and once it was "officially official" it was sort of already on Facebook, and so I forgot to post about it myself. WAHOOO! I am eagerly anticipating to a summer of lounging, organization, and belly expansion. And I will spend the whole summer with my husband! How many other people can say that?! Probably no one, because I included 'belly expansion' as something to look forward to. This is the BEST. CASE. SCENARIO.

Coming up soon? Graduation, Belinda's wedding, a few baby showers, 3D sonogram, professional development at The Grace, Grace Academy Art Camp, and some more professional development Koby still needs to sign up for. Busy times and then... BLOB!