Friday, July 29, 2011

Knox's Room

Well, things are still in a little bit of a jumble - I've learned that no matter how organized a nursery is, when the deceptively small occupant moves in it all goes out the window. Knox didn't move into his nursery, he moved into the house and has managed to redecorate it within a week. I have baby wipes stashed around the entire house like land mines, we've already had a pacifier go MIA, and there is baby paraphernalia strewn from the front door to the back.

I'll have to post more detail shots later - you've gotta see the detail on the bedding Koby's Gram made for Knox. I'm really happy with the way the nursery came together: like Sarah, Koby and I were on a pretty tight budget. All in all, with some upcycling, thrifty buying, crafting (and of course, PRESENTS!) we managed to pull together a fully-eqipped little boy friendly room, and I'm pretty sure we'll still be able to feed Knox once he starts eating solid foods.