Friday, August 19, 2011


Our ISD's teachers got back to business this week. Koby and I have been attending inservice meetings, seminars, practices (just him) and have each been working in our classrooms and getting ready for the influx of kids coming on Monday.

I got a NEW ROLLY CHAIR, which may have caused a near indecent amount of celebration on my part.  It is so smooth and rolly that it is almost a little frightening to sit down on it: I have visions of it rolling away while I crash in a heap on the floor.

Knox was visited again by Ross and met Pecos for the first time on Monday.  Ross and Pecos are two of Koby's childhood friends from Graham and it was good to see them for a few hours.  Knox was a little fussy when they got here, but a Pecos + porch swing combo knocked him out for a good while.

Knox turned four weeks old on Wednesday and today his umbilical stump FINALLY fell off!  Miss Cheryl informed me of that happy fact when I picked him up today from her house. I was really happy when she told me, but in the next few moments after I was visited with the thought that over the next year I'll probably be picking him up and she'll say something like, "He took his first step today!" and I became a little sad...

Koby and I are so grateful to have such a wonderful place for Knox to be taken care of while we work, and I think it speaks volumes of Cheryl that I have not been a basketcase this week. 

Koby observed that in hundreds or thousands of years from now, when the United States is settled under a cloud of dust or debris from whatever has happened to our planet and there are some sort of futuristic alien archaeologists digging through what's left, they'll find the hundreds (or thousands) of pictures of our son and will be forced to conclude that Knox Andrews was some sort of West Texan prince.  (Which he is.)

I hope you had a good week, too!

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