Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Weeks In

Our first assignment in Digital Photography was a self portrait inspired by American Express ads from 2008 like Tina Fey's.  Each kid Photoshopped a picture of themself with his/her answers to the little survey.  Here's mine.

Photographer: Christie Andrews (actually, the photographer was a rowdy kid in 7th period and I am telling him to please put the camera away and get ready for the bell to ring, but I felt this one was a good one to print and hang on my door.  It says, "Don't give me hell," don't you think?)
Graduation Year: wouldn't you like to know?
Greatest Ambition: to be a good mom  (Last year I wrote 'to be as good a mom as mine' and little did I know I'd get the opportunity in a matter of months!)
Proudest Accomplishment: being responsible for one half of the WORLD'S CUTEST BABY!
Perfect Day: a thunder and rainclouds, read-a-book day
Can't live without: Harry Potter (books)
Favorite song: 'Your Hand in Mine' by Explosions in the Sky
Quote to live by: "When  I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."  Neil Patrick Harris
Best friend: my husband
Reason why I like Photography: It gives you the power to freeze time.

Don't let the picture fool you, I.  LOVE.  MY.  JOB.  It's amazing that I get paid to do this.  I'm really excited about this year - I have inspiring, entertaining, creative and thoughtful kids, and I have a senior assistant to do my bidding.  I love being a coach's wife because it provides yet another connection I can have with my students.  I am really, really excited about his year.

Everyone needs to check our Art Dept. blog regularly to see what we're up to - I think we are going to have some stunning work created this year.  **Link should be fixed now!**

Life couldn't be better!