Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I love that Koby and I both have jobs that encourage us to dress up.  Here I am as Harry Potter on Celebrity Day during Red Ribbon week, and Koby is a Rodeo Clown.  Explanation below.

Koby spent his week preparing his 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for the annual Clown Circus at the elementary school on Friday. It's a tradition and a big deal in town- the kids learn to juggle, jump rope, build human pyramids, and walk on barrels. (?!? Yeah, sounded dangerous to me, too). The parents come to watch the hour and a half performances. Needless to say, he's had entertainment on the brain. I tried to wake him up yesterday evening from a nap, and when he had halfway woken up, he looked at me and said

"Hula hoop?"

I laughed, and then may have egged him on a bit.

"Wh-Wh-where is the, where is the... Hula hoop?"

Poor guy. We're glad that's all over.

This boy didn't let being sick stop him from doing any of his favorite things this week.

Knox went to the doctor in Abilene on Thursday because he'd been throwing up more than normal and we wanted to make sure everything was okay. Koby took him in, which was awesome and sweet and ALSO gave me a chance to exercise my control issues (I still may have written down a list of things for koby to tell/ask the doctor). Of course, the next day Knox actually got sick- lost his voice, gassy and upset stomach, drainage, cough... the works. Why is it that when you take them in they're fine? Anyway, he's on some sort of baby antacid now, and hopefully it'll help. His voice is already back and his tummy does seem a bit more settled. My poor baby.

His worst night was probably Friday, which is when I was chaperoning ( that a word?) the high school Halloween dance. (Thrills upon thrills.) A friend watched Knox while I watched my students do the stanky leg... It was probably not the best babysitting debut for Knox. You usually want your baby to be his normal angelic self the first time someone watches him.

Nana (my mom) came to visit for about an hour on her way back to austin from Lubbock, where she was visiting her mom. She got to see Knox's fox hat, which one of my very talented student made for him. And she brought the crib skirt she's been working on for Knox. It looks great! (Need a pic.)

Knox's first Halloween is almost over, which means it is completely acceptable for me to start listening to my Christmas music and watching Love Actually on loop. When do you think the Halloween candy will go on clearance? Because I should probably avoid stores until that business is all wrapped up.  I only just stopped myself from taking Knox trick-or-treating on Friday.  He's still drooling on himself - people would see right through me.

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