Saturday, October 22, 2011


Knox turned three months old on Thursday the 20th (which also happened to be his Aunt Elizabeth's 21st birthday, wahoo!!).  I am loving my time with Knox - he's at that point where 'he really likes us', as Koby puts it.  I find myself laughing with Knox (maybe we're not laughing at the same thing, but so what?) and that is such an exciting thing to me.  He didn't exist outside of my body three and a half months ago and now we're laughing together?!  I think it's pretty special.

He's totally picking up on social cues now, too.  (We think he's advanced for his age.)  For example, he spit up at exactly the right moment the other day and helped me prove a point to his Daddy.  Perfection.  We're in this together, little buddy.

I really think he's going to be a thoughtful, unselfish, sweet boy.  I can tell by the way he looks at me.  I wrote this little note to him a few weeks ago:

Today was really awful.  The kids at school were wild, your Dad and I both woke up late, and it was like I was running behind all day.  I had to run an errand with you RIGHT after school, which completely went against your normal routine.  But you were perfect, and as I bustled you into a shopping cart and wearily began to push you through the aisles as WalMart, I happened to look down at you, and just as you caught me glancing, you broke into a HUGE smile.  Like you'd just been waiting for me to look.  I think you knew I needed some encouragement, I really do.  And my whole body relaxed, I smiled back, and for the first time all day I felt calm and contented.

(Thanks to Lovie for our numerical onesies!  Now if I could just get to where I stand in the same place when taking these pictures! It's hard to operate the camera within the ever-so-small spit-up-free window that Knox allows me.)

He has also started doing this thing where he'll 'cry' if he's not being paid enough attention (i.e. any time I'm sitting next to him but not looking directly at him), and then as soon as I turn to look at him, everything's miraculously all better, big smile.  Just kidding Mama.

The weeks are starting to fly by.  Koby's already enjoying the slightly lessened workload that this upcoming bye week is bringing.  I took Friday off to keep Knox while our nanny went out of town and ended up keeping Landry, the sweet girl of another teacher/coach friend at school.  AND Knox and I took a nap until 11 a.m. today.  Uhh-maaa-zing!

Koby and I are excited about going to church tomorrow - we're taking Knox for the first time!  Hopefully tomorrow I won't have any 'Can you believe this?!' stories.