Friday, October 14, 2011

Troop Leader

Look at this.

Blehh.  Remember back in January when I chose 'fawns' and 'foxes' as my nursery themes?  I spied this little write up in Parents Magazine (yes, I read it and yes, I semi-enjoy it) today.  I know I should feel like a trend-setter, but in actuality I'm only irritated.  Foxes are Knox's.  Ughhh.

Immediately after I tweeted my annoyance, one of my friends sent me a picture she'd seen on Pinterest.

Knox blocks.  Look familiar?

Does this mean we can look forward to four other boys having Knox's name in his kindergarten class?  I know it's a dumb thing to have get under your skin... but still.

These are basically my pictures for the week - it's been a hazy, sleep-deprived blur of PDAS evaluations, football trips, and half-hearted cleaning attempts here at the Andrews house.  I still haven't completely unpacked my suitcase from the Alabama trip. 

* Troop, leash, skulk, earth, and lead are all names for a group of foxes.  If you win a game show because of that little fun fact, I think you owe me a cut of your prize.

** Even though I'm mildly annoyed, you can still bet that I'm going to have to get at least two of the items from the Parents magazine for Knox as Christmas presents.  Or maybe Thanksgiving presents.  Seriously, they're too cute.  Better yet, can I carry a fox backpack to school?  My kids already think I'm weird.