Friday, November 25, 2011


Quick mash up of the past few weeks (in no particular order):

The Wolves football season came to an end in Lubbock (1st round of playoffs), Koby started coaching girl's basketball, I had the curious feeling of being both grateful for and incredibly annoyed with my job simultaneously, I visited Grandmother in Lubbock, I discovered and cooked an excellent mac and cheese recipe that I have since lost, Landry came to visit, Elizabeth came to visit, PawPaw and Lovie came to visit, Knox helped me make some Thanksgiving cards, I began to decorate for Xmas (Koby isn't thrilled), Koby got a buck, YouTube taught me how to knit and I made a very terrible first scarf, Knox celebrated four months of life and decided he likes to reach for things and immediately put them into his mouth, I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie, and now Koby, Knox and I are visiting Lovie, PawPaw and Aunt Liz for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving pictures from Gram and Pop's to come, also, we go to Abilene to see Poppa and watch Auntie M play some basketball. Then to Fort Worth for a wedding. THEN back to school. Whew!