Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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I'm participating in NaBloPoMo 2012 (after the NaNoWriMo disasters of '10 and '11) and this year, the theme is 'Relative'.  Whether or not I succeed or fail, write about the theme or ignore it completely, know that I am trying.  I say trying because Knox has started this awesome new sleep schedule that I think is probably thanks to two new teeth poking up through his bottom gum.  Stay tuned for some mathematical equations that explain how Mrs. Andrews' mood is inversely related to n (n = number of hours of sleep experienced during the previous night).

So, to kick off what is thankfully the shortest month of the year, I'll start by documenting how the CUTEST relative of mine came to be, in vintage picture format.

BABY CHRISTIE : (1986/87)

BABY KOBY (1988)

BABY KNOX: (2011/2012)

Alright, if your eyes aren't bleeding from baby picture overload here's a list naming the traits I feel Knox has inherited / disinherited (?) from Koby and me.  No more pictures, I promise.

Things Knox inherited from Koby:
A love for the outdoors
Extreme grumpiness that sets in during hunger/sleepiness
Absolute denial about being sleepy (oh, do you see an inconvenience here, too?)

Things Knox inherited from me:
My lips and over-large eyes
Social nature
My ears (I'll just have to take Koby's word on this, as his very first words after Knox was born were 'He has your EXACT ears!")

Things that make us think "What??"
Knox doesn't like fruit
Knox wakes up happy

It's a pretty short list, I know, but we're still figuring each other out.