Monday, February 6, 2012

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Family, your imaginary Valentines have come early this year. (Don't worry, you still have time to get me something.)

Compiled below is a fantastic composite of things I would buy for my relatives if I had infinity amount of dollars...

For my dear husband,

I'd buy a ranch in some Western state.  (Thinking Wyoming, Montana...)  And we'd call it the Donkey Slobber Ranch and Estate.

For my parents,

for Mom I'd buy the Ballard Carnegie Library in Seattle (which is conveniently for sale) and we could start filling it with books pronto, and for Dad I'd buy a super energy-efficient house.  He's not so much a tree-hugger as ... let's say in an enthusiastic monthly competition with himself to see just how low he can get the energy bill.  He's roped my mom into the game as well, though I think she plays with less than his desired amount of enthusiasm.

For Koby's parents,

I'd buy a Cessna.  The next to-do on their larger than life to-do list (which they're actually tackling!) is to take piloting lessons.  And so here is the plane they will use to fly me to Seattle when I need to add some books to Mom's library or visit Koby on a crazy hunt in Montana.

For my sister,

this shiny whip.  Oh and I'd pay a scientist to cure dogs of car sickness so her Dalmatian Keya could actually ride in it too.

For Koby's sister Elizabeth,

I'd buy an art studio and stock it to the max - acrylic and oil paints, artist-grade brushes, canvases, gesso, easels and watercolor, pens and ink, linoleum cutters, brayers, inks, a printing press, a light board, drafting table and of course, make sure there was a great ventilation system. (**It occurs to me that some people might infer from this that Elizabeth has a problem with flatulence. I would like to take a moment to remind people that lots of artistic media have very toxic fumes. Thanks for your attention, I know Elizabeth appreciates it.)

What would you buy?