Monday, December 3, 2012

One Month

Hayes is a month old.

Due to some unfortunate and untimely incidents, my idealistic dreams of getting 'monthly', 'as-he-grows' snapshots of Knox never quite came to fruition.  We got off on the wrong foot when the monthly onesies didn't come in until he was two months old.  Then Koby and I were both under self-imposed quarantine around 5 months courtesy of a very unpleasant 12 hour virus.  Around seven months I was surprised to learn that I would be having yet another bouncing baby bundle and thus became quite distracted.  No pictures.  I kept telling myself, "I'll take them, I'll catch up", and then we decided we were moving.  The OCD spirit in me would not allow monthly pictures to span the two places, and the dreams finally died.

Luckily for Hayes, I'm totally going to be a better mom this time around.


I did forget how very hard it is to photograph newborns.

Taking these photos makes me feel like a terrible mother.  Nothing feels more nurturing than trying to prop up your blobby, feeble newborn on a stuffed bear while he's wailing and flailing helplessly, touching him only to readjust his onesie so the number can be seen clearly.

I saw a monthly progression of photos on Pinterest more like these - where the kid is stuffed in a laundry basket on top of 'current' onesies and clothes.  This spoke to my heart.  Laundry, the ever-present entity, is a perfect backdrop for monthly shots.  I even put CLEAN laundry down for Hayes to rest on.  Mom of the year?

But let's get back to business - Hayes is a month old, and here's what I've learned about him.

I think he's going to be my little shadow.  He prefers to be held and close.  Which is convenient for me because I prefer him close, too.

I think he's a clever dude.  He's got a tiny cold and so we've been having lots of bulb syringe sessions.  In the middle of last said session he completely faked falling asleep which

  1. I didn't know was possible (it isn't) and 
  2. I think he did in hopes that I would stop (I didn't).
He has red hair, but I don't think it will last.

Hayes is KNOX'S little brother.  (This is something I've learned about Knox.)  Not only is it possible for parents to instantaneously find that their hearts have grown and swollen to the capability of loving two children equally and immensely, but a sixteen month old is fully capable of understanding 'brother' without being able to say it.  Knox, who is around babies all day every day at day care, has shown interest and concern for Hayes that I haven't seen with other babies.  He pats Hayes gently, kisses him (without encouragement - this is big), tickles his feet, and frowns when Hayes cries.  He looks for Hayes in his usual spots.  He tries to give Hayes things he thinks Hayes might need.  Knox is learning so many things right now by example, but I see initiative in his brotherly actions, rather than emulation.  

It all makes my heart very happy.