Thursday, June 26, 2014

In Summer

You know those mom characters who are always on TV like...

"I know from the outside, I look like I have it all together, but I'm really stressed out on the inside, blabbedy bla bla bla..."?

(I know you're confused, but that's not me.  That's Claire Dunphy from ABC's Modern Family.  You may have forgotten what I look like since it's been approximately nine years since I last blogged.  A lot happens in nine years.)

I feel like I might be the opposite of ^^^ that.  Usually, my life and my general demeanor gives off the impression of Hot Disorganized Mess, but I feel relatively calm.  Or also I feel that way inside, too.  Either way, I'm one of those special ones who doesn't have it all together, and it also appears that way.  So what I'm getting at is, where is my show?

Anyway, I'll catch you up.

We wrapped up the end of the school year with me being asked to move up and teach 7th grade English next year and to take over the middle school Gifted and Talented program.  I said yes, which means I'll be moving up with the students I had this year and teach a tested subject for the first time in my career.  Should be interesting.

Koby was super happy to end the year because post-basketball season, he'd been getting the boys ready and taking them to school each morning sans help from Mommy.  Interesting outfits and hairdo's, y'all.  It was a glorious experiment and I have already been informed that we will not be engaging in the experiment next year.  But in all seriousness, I was really happy for the break.  Thanks husband!

Knox was pleasantly surprised to find that he'd be staying home, for like, a week.  After that he began to say really dramatic things such as "I NEVER get to see my friends anymore," and hopeful things: "Are we going to school today?"  He took swim lessons from a friend in Graham a few weeks ago, and I was really happy for him to have that experience.

Hayes is doing really well and has been making great progress in the past few months - he's discovered his feet and is overall more engaged with his surroundings.  It's been exciting to watch and enjoy.  We've kept up with our therapies, which give me motivation to vacuum, as they take place at the house over the summers. (Six occupational therapy sessions, two vision instruction sessions, and one speech therapy session each month.  He's a busy boy.)

We have been traveling (A LOT) and summer schooling and GT training and avoiding cleaning our house at all possible costs.  We've been to LOTS of doctor's appointments, bought a new car, fished, watched Frozen 64 times, house sat for Koby's parents, visited mine, and made the house a bit messier (still not sure how, since it feels like we're never here?).

Coming up: possible family camp for families with blind children in August (we're on the waiting list), a second MRI for Hayes (August 14, prayers appreciated as he will be fully sedated again), more doctor's appointments, Knox's third birthday, two-a-days, coaching camps, coaching school, a weekend in Junction, Texas, Koby's and my fourth anniversary, and a miraculous cleaning of the house.

I've been struggling lately with the natural self-absorption that comes with having young kids.  Getting away from the god of 'Busy'.  I do want to bless others and teach my kids to be looking for opportunities to help in all occasions, but feel like so much of my time (effort, money, etc.) is taken up with grilled cheese sandwiches, laundrylaundrylaundry, commutes to doctor's offices, and general LIFE.  I really wanted to write some amazing post on it, but my friend Sarah beat me to it and said everything I'd been thinking, and is actually putting it into action.  If you feel like you simply can't break the cycle of "US US US" or "ME ME ME", go check it out.  (And I mean it - simply.  She offers really simple ideas.)  No, go check it out anyway.