Monday, September 29, 2014

We Can't EVEN - a.k.a. "A Feeble Thanks"

Y'all.  I can't even.

Sweet Snap from Eliz's bff.

Can't wait to wear our Hayes Bear shirts! XOXO MLE

(Yummy surprise on our doorstep from my sister's best friend.)

A church sister read about my disdain for washing/sorting socks... so she brought new ones.  HA!

Sweet Snap from one of my BFFs and her BBF (beautiful baby face).

Since our last post about Hayes' seizures, and even since we'd mentioned our concern about his 'spasms', we've been


with an outpouring of love, prayer, encouragement, and generosity.

I'm not even posting pictures of the cards Hayes has received, the personal texts, Facebook messages posts, tags, and re-posts, retweets, phone calls, updates on shirt sales from our sister Elizabeth, faculty e-mails, and shout-outs we've been getting from ALL OVER.

I need better words.  I need better words to be able to say "Thank you... thank you, so much."  Those words seem feeble.

They seem feeble when I want to say, "You've transformed my recent "Please, please, please" prayers into "THANK YOU, Thank you!" prayers."

They seem feeble when I am bombarded (bombarded in the best way - like an over-abundance of cupcakes... or a battering of butterflies) on all fronts - Facebook, email, Instagram, Snapchat, text messaging, voicemail, real mail - by encouragement and assistance for Hayes.

Our family, friends, colleagues, employers, church family, friends of family, family of friends, friends of friends, (etc,) and STRANGERS we've never met have come to our aid by praying and showing support for Hayes.

I am so thankful and brought to a new mindfulness of the power of helping - and the many, many ways we're blessed in the current time to be able to help.

Y'all.  I am so guilty of not reaching out all the times when I have the power and ability to do so.  I think it takes a great courage to help someone.  It takes courage to say, "I love you and I'm thinking about you.  Whatever you need, I'm here."  THANK YOU for the courage you've shown in reaching out to us, for thinking and praying for us.

I am so thankful for social media.  What a wonderful instrument it can be in the arena of giving!  What an awareness it can raise for a family's needs!  What a way someone can feel able to help, when he or she may be too far to away make a meal, pick up a kid from daycare, or visit someone at their home.  I know this because I've watched social media help others, and now it's helping my family.

So, someone get on it.  Invent some new jargon that will echo the language, the hope and relief and happiness of my heart when I think of you all.  Then say that to yourselves, from us.

Pre-balded Hayes and semi-naked Knox.

And the Bear himself?  He's been in pretty good spirits since leaving the hospital.  We've ALMOST got all the glue used for the sensors off his head despite daily baths and various product attempts (no, I'm not joking - it is incredibly stuck and the amount of scrubbing it would take would cause a sore on his scalp, and I'm still not sure he's forgiven me from the haircut trauma I caused him last week).

His seizures seemed to stop while the ONFI was in his system, but beginning on Friday, he started having seizures again.  Today he probably had the most seizures I've ever witnessed him having.  Please keep him in your prayers.  We are going back to Cook's on Friday for a 30 min EEG, but we will have to wait to reconvene with our neurologist (also at Cook's) until next Wednesday, because they couldn't get those two appointments together on such a short notice.

AND YES, Knox is wearing Pull-Ups.  I really doooooooon't want to talk about it. (Potty training is hard. While you're on bended knee re: Hayes, would you mind sending up a quick one for K on this front?  95% kidding here,  That's 5% serious.)

We love and appreciate you all.  Good night.