Monday, April 12, 2010

Adventures and Explosions

I have not blogged in a great long while, though I wish now I would have. So many life-changing things have been happening, including but not limited to:
  • my engagement
  • the planning of our wedding
  • finding and signing for a house in the town we will move to (recently! only this past Friday!)
  • beginning a new job at at one of our city's museums as an outreach and distance learning teacher
  • beginning another new job as a long term substitute for a local middle school art teacher, who has sadly been diagnosed with very serious pancreatic cancer
Everyone keeps saying that the first tiny house you live in once you get married will be the experiences remembered years down the road with a misty glint in the eye, and the unstable time in which we (Koby and I) now find ourselves should be considered 'exciting'. Thus, I have chosen to blog more frequently. Probably I will talk a lot about the funny things that happen in class, but also the nervous excitement and anticipation both Koby and I feel as our lives are about to drastically change. We both of us will be moving in the near future, beginning more new jobs and still we have a lot of questions yet to be answered. Then finally we'll be married and every thing will be perfect and we'll have it all figured out.
On another note, literally, I found a hot pink post-it in the teacher's desk this morning. Apparently from the last substitute (the teacher was frequently gone to doctor's appointments prior to the diagnosis), the note did nothing to ease my anxiety before even a single student walked in the room.
Mack* and Jesse* were arguing and Mack threw a bottle at Jesse he filled with chemicals from the back of the room and it exploded. I had to get onto those two the entire class. Also Juan* and Kevin* were playing with an iPod or cell phone - I just noticed it at the end of class. I had no problems with fifth period, they were great!
Admittedly, I laughed (exploded?!), though wondering what I would do with miniature (or perhaps not so) explosions on my own watch. I moved some papers around and found the lesson plans for the week. Noticing that we'd be using styluses, finding them in a container at the edge of the desk, another nurse's note then caught my eye.
Nurses findings and recommendations: Right lower arm - puncture wound from stylus. 1/8 inches. Cleaned with alcohol and covered with bandage.
Finally, I'll end on the (proud) fact that I AM DOING P90X! Belinda and I began the workouts five days ago and I am cutting this entry short because my arms are tired of supporting my hands to type. Of course I will log the results and my thoughts along the way, though all I can say now is I think I am gaining weight and my body hates me.

** Names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.