Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today is a slice of heaven...

Today is a slice of heaven.
1. Our engagement pictures were posted last night by our wonderful photographer, Brooke Olgivie. She is an angel. You can check out more at http://bophotography.squarespace.com . Like I told Brooke, any photo session that doesn't involve Koby's own artistic opinions (usually, 'Let's stop') after two minutes of shooting is an invaluable success. I appreciate her artistic attention to beautiful oddities (no, I'm not talking about Koby and I as models) and her visionary eye.
2. My rowdiest class behaved like tiny little 6th grade angels today. Only one wad of clay sailed across the room and every one worked on their coil pots dutifully.
3. I do not have to work at the Country Club tonight, where no one behaves like an angel.