Monday, April 26, 2010

It's one of those weeks that begins with an involuntary start out of bed: the mind has been reeling in its sleep. There are many quiet moments of panic throughout each day, as things-to-do outweigh time available. Caffeine doesn't help.

I need to:

- have the carpets cleaned in my new house

- design/order/get wedding invitations this next week to be sent out prior to May 10

- order/receive custom stamps for said invites

- make sure all bridesmaids' dresses are ordered

- take my POS new computer to Best Buy to figure out why it hates the Internet

- finish thank you notes from my shower last weekend

- begin moving things to the new house

- help Koby finish his ePortfolio

- administer the TAKS test without breaking any laws and losing my job before I even have one

- figure out a supply ordering list for one of the art camps I'm teaching this summer

- work overtime

- help sixth, seventh, and eighth graders finish clay pots that hopefully hopefully hopefully will be ready to fire next week, and won't explode or crack or break on the way to, in, and on the way back from the kiln

All before the end of this week. Also, it is my birthday Thursday.