Thursday, July 22, 2010

Employment! / Honeymoon Day 3

Champagne served in martini glasses is the only way to celebrate.

As Koby and I settle into our house, we've noticed the alarming amount of things we need, need to get rid of, and need to make life easier/more fun. I've been surprising him after work with small things I've bought to fulfill these purposes, and Koby discovers them either by chance ('Oh! You bought alphabet magnets...' - this was a 'more fun') or by playing the 'Hot or Cold' game. ('Warm, warmer, HOT!' 'Oh, you bought me a shoe organizer and organized all my shoes.') Since we've been playing this game regularly, I decided the best way to let Koby know my exciting news (I got the job!) was to disguise it with the 'Hot or Cold' game.

The principal at Colorado City High School called me just before 5:00 pm yesterday to offer me the job as their new art teacher. I was thrilled to accept, and upon hanging up with my new boss I burst out the front door and went to buy some champagne. I thought Koby would be home any minute so I rushed my purchase and came home, threw the bottle in the fridge and tried to practice sitting non-suspiciously on the couch. (I am a terrible liar/hider of secrets.)
This inconspicuous placement of the bottle would take Koby agonizing moments to find.

Koby finally arrived and after a sweaty hug (his, not mine - he'd been baling hay) I promptly began our most exciting game of 'Hot or Cold' yet. He's the world's worst player of the game, and it took him ages to just open the fridge. After what seem like decades, he pulled out the paper bag containing my precious bottle and quizzically said, "Champagne?" It was then that I screamed "I GOT THE JOB!" (I may have also thrown my hands up in the air and jumped on the spot.)

It may have been because it was the last thing he expected (it was Wednesday and we weren't supposed to know 'til Friday), or it could have been that the octave in which I yelled didn't easily register in the human ear, but it took Koby a few seconds of staring and processing to say, "What?! Really?!" and then we were both hopping and hugging in the middle of our kitchen with the fridge door still open. (This is probably why a good quarter of the champagne exploded onto the floor when I opened the bottle.)

All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty good month. Thanks be to God!

Honeymoon, day three:

Why stop now? More food pics. This incredible buffet contributed greatly to my added pounds on the scales; it included mussels (or oysters, I can't tell them apart), boiled giant shrimp, different kinds of cheeses and salads, Greek olives (can't remember their proper name, is it Calametto?) crackers and dozens of other things which I readily piled on my plate. My food arrangement impressed even Koby, who remarked 'Whoa' as the heavy plate hit our table. And this was just the appetizer.

Koby shows off his brand new wedding band tan line while we wait for the buffet line to open.

Interesting light fixtures.

Finally! The buffet opens and here is my plate. (I did not document Koby's plate, as it was considerably and embarrassingly more empty than my own.) Bon apetit!

Behold, the face of one who regrets the amount she has eaten before deciding to take a swim.

If you want to eat at the hibachi grill at the resort, you have to make reservations through the Japanese restaurant, Himitsu. That is where we're heading to, all dressed up in this picture.

First our Jamaican hibachi dude (not pictured) stacked these eggs up with a flip of his spatula thing.

Then he worked his hibachi magic, and I ate.

Here we are with our friends Mark, Brittaney, Julian and Lauren outside the Piano Bar. I loved talking with these couples!

Koby and Mark really hit it off. (Here is Mark showing his approval.)

That was the end of Day 3! And now I need to get back to unpacking/reorganizing/finding new places to hide Koby's many 'muscle' shirts... I seem to be making more messes rather than cleaning them up.