Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unemployment Day 2 / Honeymoon Day 2

Koby and I have been engaged in a long-standing debate: is technology good or evil? Being a graphic design major and a gadget-junkie (still want the iPad, and I really can't tell you why), I am of course a proponent for the 'GOOD' side of the story. Koby, who loathes printers and computers and cameras and GPSes and... everything that needs a power source, is a full-fledged believer in the 'BAD'. But today I almost crossed over for good. I mean bad.

I had an interview this morning for a high school art teaching position. Yesterday, after agreeing to a 9am interview, I quickly realized that nearly all my earthly possessions are packed away haphazardly in the unpacked house I now call home. After hours of typing, photographing, and digging through my external hard drive, I had perfected a digital portfolio of my own work, some lesson plans and student work, and revamped my resume, cover letter and references, all burned to a disc. It was around ten in the evening or so that I realized we lacked our printer cord - I needed something to hand the principal. Our 'bluetooth', 'CORDLESS' printer was not bluetoothing and apparently missed that cord. Koby and I decided the best thing to do would be for me to come into his office around 7:30 this morning to print off my resume, cover letter, and references pages. He'd mentioned it a long time before but neglected to remind me that the printer had the temperament of a two-year old.

'Replace Cyan Cartrige' was the best it could do for me this morning. We thought of the two families we knew in Sweetwater - both would have printers. One family is out of town and the other was asleep. (This is still 7:30 in the morning.) When we found out the library didn't open until 9:00 (the time of my interview), we knew we were out of options. I drove the 20 miles to the interview PRAYING the disc I carried in my hand would work - otherwise I'd have nothing. I prepared for immense embarassment.

The interview went well, the disc worked, and I'll know by Friday! But Koby definitely has more meat to his 'Technology is Evil' argument than he did yesterday. I am now taking a break from the never-ceasing supply of laundry (seriously, the amount of clothing Koby and I possess is sinful, though I am beginning to suspect that Koby has not washed clothes since he moved into this house. Or maybe before - I found a sweater at the bottom of his hamper) to post pictures from the second day of the honeymoon!

More room service. I know, this is beginning to feel like a food blog (flog?) but in reality, these pork ribs were GROSS! Neither Koby nor I liked them very much. I stuck to the potatoes and veggies.

On Tuesday (one week ago! I can't believe it) Koby and I went for a 'cruise' out to Lover's Rock. We actually sailed out of a Sandals resort. It was interesting to visit a completely different resort and meet completely new people.

On the boat.

This is 'Lover's Rock', the whole point of the cruise. I missed why it is called 'Lover's Rock', the type of birds that nest there, and basically all relevant information because Koby and I were talking to our new friends Malta and Michelle, from Germany and Ireland, respectively. They told the best stories and we were all totally engrossed in conversation for nearly the whole boat ride!

The only picture I have of Malta and Michelle. I wonder if they have Facebook?

This picture is blurry but it is Koby in front of the Italian restaurant, Portofino, where we met up with fellow Secrets resort-ers Jason and Jessica, who trekked out to Sandals in the same van with us for the cruise.

Again, not a great picture, but this is my mozzarella tomato caprese dish - one course of the four course meal that night. I made this a habit. (Ah, did I mention I set a goal of gaining five pounds during the trip and succeeded on the dot? Win.)

Our friends Jason and Jessica from South Carolina. We had a lot in common and it was nice to hear another "y'all" amongst all the "ya, mons"!