Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's been a gem of the day in the world of Christie Andrews. I was happy to visit with my friend Caroline for awhile this afternoon; she is recently home in Abilene for a month, celebrating the end of a demanding and completed job in Washington D.C. I gorged excessively on cheesey and saucy chicken parmigiana, taking advantage of local Italian food lunch specials while in Abilene. Arriving home I found my husband already diligently prepping food for the fajitas he'd been craving for two days and I whipped up two fantastic dips - homemade guacamole and hummus, the latter of which I've never attempted before.

And then the most profoundly astonishing and appreciated thing happened.

Koby said to me, before dinner,
I sort of feel like watching Harry Potter tonight.
Marital bliss.

Wednesday means art camp at the Grace is half over. I'm working with the most focused and diligent group of middle schoolers I've ever known, perhaps the most focused and diligent group of middle schoolers existing in the world. I didn't get many pictures today because my camera died nearly as soon as we began working. Tomorrow I'm having to miss camp to attend the new teacher orientation at my new school, something I hate to do but must, though I feel comfortable leaving the kids in the capable hands of Brian and Nastasha.