Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Month

Today marks the one-month anniversary of Koby's and my marriage! (Is that proper grammar?) I also realized I ended my relation of the honeymoon tales rather abruptly - I never filled you in on the trip home or our first few days in OUR house!

Classic crossing the threshold snapshot.

Koby's uncle Kirby and his family were sweet enough to house/animal sit for us while we were in Jamaica. As we were on the long road home, we wondered aloud what we'd eat for dinner that night. We were so happily surprised to find that Leah, Kirby's wife had hooked us up with pancakes, sausage, cranberry chicken, barbeque chicken, potatoes, sirloin steaks and a breakfast burrito! (Yes, everything you see pictured in the depressing frigerator above.) This haul lasted us a good long while and it was tasty. My new extended family also thoughtfully covered every doorknob in our house with vaseline (this also lasted a good long while, as vaseline, it turns out, is very hard to clean) and saran-wrapped the toilet seat. All in all, their good and evil deeds ended up balancing each other out. :-)

About five seconds after wiping all the vaseline off our hands, we broke into the wedding present pile which had consumed the middle of our living room. Here is Koby sporting his 'sweet new doo rag' from uncle Gary B and attacking the present pile vigorously.

I find it hard to believe we've been married for a month and living in this house together for about three weeks! In some ways it seems like that can't be right,surely I've been here forever. (It especially feels like that on those days when I am in the house with no cell phone service, no cable television and if the pirated internet connection we steal from our dear neighbor Monty is faulty and Koby is at work.) Or it feels like a blinking moment - is it really August? Have I really not unpacked this or that box yet? Whether it feels like three days' or three years' time, it has been a fun time.

Today, while being my 'first anniversary', was also the second day of Middle School Mania camp. Our little group continued work on our architectural alphabet letters, which were beginning to take shape, literally*, and started work on our next project, a tempera-batik style painting project.

*please note that this is the correct usage of the word literally. It's become my mission to educate the masses on the proper uses of this word in speech and writing, one soul at a time.

And now please view our work.

In that smattering of pictures you will also see my assistants, Brian and Nastasha, and me, each with our own projects. I think we're having as much fun making our letters as the kids.