Saturday, November 6, 2010

First House Blues

Oh, that? Let me explain.

Koby came home on Friday to discover our water had been shut off. Apparently, there seems to be a leak somewhere in between the meter and our house, and the water offices ever so considerately shut off our water. But neglected to tell us before or after the fact. In any case, we hope that this alleged 'leak' may explain why we've had a weird odor in our house very recently.

Because this is the month of November, the traditional month of giving thanks, I'll spin this in a positive light. Now unhindered by distracting things such as personal hygiene, I have ample amounts of time to work on my novel writing (I am discouragingly behind) and/or to finish the grading I MUST do before 8:00 am Monday morning.

In all reality, our non-existent supply of running water has made me more grateful for things, instead of the opposite. Incidentally, do you know how much water it takes to flush a toilet? Probably about the same amount as held in my refrigerator right now, around eight gallons. I am incredibly blessed and thankful to have running water! Even more so, to live in a country where even those who might be considered 'poor' by our standards have the luxury of flushing toilets! I am thankful that Koby's aunt and uncle are very kind and live about three streets over, and that I have a car to drive to their house and take showers, or print papers, or borrow movies. I'm thankful that Koby is out of town this weekend, so that he doesn't have to go through this too and even more that there is not another body in this house, because the number of bodies within a household is directly related to the amount of unpleasantness related to having no running water. You'd be surprised already how much water a small woman, a cat, and two dogs need during a span of less than 24 hours. Finally, I am very thankful that Koby has a job interview on the sixth of December, because if he gets the job, we are MOVING!!