Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goals and Guts

On the 7th of November (during the 'Weekend of No Water') I took a day trip to Abilene, where Melissa was visiting also to watch her senior soccer friends in their last game. It was a really great match, but unfortunately UT Tyler was not victorious, though they played hard. I brought my camera.

It was nice to see Melissa for a little while. When I got back to Sweetwater I attempted to update grades online (unable) and write (unmotivated) and soon it was time to head to Kirby and Leah's house, where Leah was preparing food to take to the Ranch, where Kirby runs the AOA Outfit from and Koby guides each year.

Dead animals everywhere. My favorites were the ones on the dinner plates, but I didn't photograph those. Here's Carson inspecting the kills of the day - all the hunters were tagged out by their second day! A great year for AOA Outfitters. A little bit disturbing for me to look at.