Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rolly Poly, Daddy's Little Fatty

Here is the Blob in all its Bumpy glory. Since I'm wearing a dark shirt, I don't look as ginormous as I really am/feel. Believe it, I'm huge. This picture was taken yesterday, on Wednesday the 2nd. Today I am officially 20 weeks along, which means HALFWAY DONE Y'ALL! Or, as I tell my students, my baby is half-baked. One week from yesterday we'll have our gender-revealing sonogram... I can't wait to find out what the Blob is. Time is really flying.

Oh, and it's kicking! I think. The Blob is definitely doing something. I keep telling Koby "I think it's kicking! I think it's kicking!" and he has yet to rush over to see if he can feel it too. I asked him about this last night (I always imagined fathers-to-be are really enthused by this) and he confessed, "I think you just have gas or something." But I promise, people, it is NOT gas. The baby is moving.

Things have been really busy lately - one great thing that's happened is the Grace Museum's Youth Art Month show, which opened on the 1st and will hang until the 31st of this month. Twelve of my students have pieces in the show and they are EXCITED about it. Other students are very jealous and I have been receiving the 'cold shoulder' from a few whose pieces weren't selected (by me) to go to Abilene. The students have already been interviewed by a reporter from the local paper and we're hoping to take a trip to The Grace sometime this month to see their work while it's still up. I took some pictures of the opening - I think there were over 700 people there! And the band that played, comprised of AHS and CHS students, was awesome. Definitely something I wish my students could have all attended, but as we live about an hour away it just wasn't feasible.

This last picture shows a man looking at our school's artwork - you can't read the sign at the top but it says "COLORADO CITY HIGH SCHOOL" or something like that. A proud moment for a first-year teacher!