Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Secret of the Sonogram

Written inside this card and in the possession of Elizabeth Andrews is the GENDER of our first child!

We had our 'gender' sonogram today... I can't believe how much our little tot has grown! The first thing the technician said this morning once she got us going was "Here's a leg" and my immediate thought was "Um, how's that?" and I began to worry again that I would have no idea what the blobs on the screen were telling me. But THEN she showed us the baby's little head and I could SEE IT! He/she was wriggling around after some gentle encouragement from the technician and I could see it all - elbows, tiny feets, little legs and a round tummy. Personally, I'm still going with my first instinct, which is that our little blob is a wee little man. Koby, who has refused to guess until this point, asked one of his best men what he thought it was and decided to go with that opinion as fact. (So much for listening to a mother's intuition.)

But what do you think? Here's some headshots to get you thinking...