Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Those Orange Days

I had a couple of really busy weeks... and then this past week, during which I did essentially nothing. Koby and I have been laying low in Colorado City, 'nesting' (mostly reacting to the level of filth in which we found ourselves living) and getting various things a little more ready for the impending arrival of our son. Today I really set to work on getting lessons squared away for next year, but after getting Art I and Art II laid out until Christmas, I decided I was being much too productive and needed to address another thing I had neglected: this blog. (Next on the list? Thank you notes WAYYY over due for two fabulous baby showers, one thrown in Graham and one in Abilene.)

As you know, June 13-17 I taught Grace Academy's 'Daring Drawings and Curious Colors'. It was an exhausting blast. I enjoy having little kids after teaching big kids all year - little kids still 'ooooh' and 'ahhhhh' over artwork. High schoolers have seen it all.

Here's some of the artwork we completed near the end of the DDCC camp.

Campers show off their 'Many Colored Days' books. They were SO insightful about colors and emotions - they caught on to Color Psychology wayyyyyyyy faster than my high school students! We read the Dr. Seuss book 'My Many Colored Days' at the beginning of the week and worked on these books every morning.

Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days

Something else I love about little kids? Their parents! They are so thoughtful as well. On Friday two campers brought me little 'thank you gifts'... It's not about thanks at all, but when it happens it feels really good. I'm going to remember that as a parent.

These self portraits are the end result after a two-day look at the artwork of Henri Matisse, namely his painting The Purple Coat. I think the campers were very astute in their observations!

Henri Matisse, The Purple Coat

Ok, now some of my favorite pictures. The students LOVED sharing their Many Colored Days books with the class, and I loved taking pictures of the hilarious things they wrote in their books. My favorites include "On yellow days I feel brave" and "On orange days I feel like an adventure" or "On purple days I feel like running" (not pictured, also, I never have purple days).

I am so mad at myself for not putting this up in honor of Father's Day, like I had planned. This is probably my favorite one. The little girl who did this did it so nonchalantly, like 'of course every one has orange days when they feel like putting ice down their dad's pants'. Duh.

This kid wrote "(Insert color here) days make me feel happy" on every page. I can appreciate that.

Coming soon? Pictures of baby showers, photo sessions, and THE BLOB! I am not at all opposed to his arrival before his scheduled appearance, which is the 21st of next month. In fact, I am even willing to indefinitely postpone my viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two if he decides to come before the 15th. That, my friends, is a mother's love.