Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am more than a little irritated with who ever decided to invent this whole 'conflicting Google accounts' thing. I have three e-mail addresses, none of which wanted to sign me onto my blog just now.

And this is me:

Next time I'm pregnant, remind me not to schedule six billion and one things to do as the ninth month of the pregnancy approaches. Mmmkay?

Since school has been out I've collected more than 40 professional development hours, driven out of town at least seven times (more than 50 miles each time), gone to two doctors' appointments, been in a wedding, planned for a week of camp with 21 six and seven year olds, taken and edited hundreds of pictures, neglected obligatory thank-you-note-writing, and in the mix somewhere, hurt my back so badly that I'm hobbling around like an eighty year old instead of an expectant mother. It's a little bit concerning. But I wouldn't trade any of these things for a day in bed because they're all FUN (and some mandatory if I want to keep teaching) but I am looking forward to a breather before the baby comes. Also, the nursery (and house) looks like we're moving in/out because Koby and I have both been gypsies for the past two weeks. And gypsy does not mix with nesting.

Today was the second day of Grace Art Camp (Daring Drawings and Curious Colors) and I have the kids going into 1st and 2nd grade, just like last year. And just like last year, it seems like the bulk of the kids are fresh out of kindergarten. Which I really like. Part of me hopes we never move too far away from Abilene, so I'll never not be able to do summer camps at the Grace. They're so fun!

We've been learning about COLOR (we read Dr. Seuss's 'My Many Colored Days' on the first day of camp) and TEXTURE and tomorrow we'll talk about Henri Matisse. And Oaxacan Folk Art, which I will inevitably misprounounce.

Here are some of our artists and creations from Day 2: