Friday, August 12, 2011


Here's what we've been doing this week-

Koby's been getting up around 5:30 every morning for the past two weeks to attend his two-a-day practices. But he always has enough energy to help with Knox when he gets home - our little boy gets so much love!

As you might have noticed from this post, I get a little bit excessive with the photo-taking while Koby isn't around to keep things realistic. But I think it's essential that we capture each new expression Knox makes.

I've been letting Knox nap in our bed if he happens to fall asleep there. I'm really hoping he doesn't get "sleep confusion" ... or whatever you might call it. I'm terrified that he won't embrace his crib as his nighttime place anymore... but it goes against everything in my brain to wake him up when he's taking a nap! Even when I'm cursing myself at three in the morning.

On Wednesday Knox turned THREE WEEKS OLD, and so we celebrated with... another photo shoot.

Koby is the BEST husband in the world. He kept Knox on Wednesday while I drove to Abilene to get my hair done (NOT a quick outing). It was amazing - after leaving the salon I actually looked like myself for the first time since pregnancy. Or, at least since BIG pregnancy. And THAT felt good!

Teacher inservice begins on Monday, which means these are our last few days with Knox before we start taking him to his home daycare. I'm getting pretty anxious about it. My little boy! I've really loved laying around with him, getting things done while he naps just a few feet away, and being able to comfort him the moment he cries. Wednesday (hair cut day) was the longest I've been separated from Knox since he was conceived. (Oh yeah, I'm definitely including the nine months I carried him around in my belly.) And it felt strange. But soon, it will be goodbye to summer, goodbye to all day with my son, goodbye to all day in slippers and pajamas.

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