Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mythical Shopping Trip

My postpartum journey of weight loss has been fairly... uneventful. Somehow, I found myself just two pounds above my pre-pregnancy norm within about a week after Knox's birth without really 'trying' to lose the excess. (Thankful for it too! I've still got the lazies and I'm not really sure how committed I'd be to a new exercise regimen right away.) But, despite what the scale says, my clothes are NOT fitting like they used to. I'm alright with it, fully aware that it comes with the territory of motherhood. But... I'm gooshy in places that didn't used to be gooshy and I'm not sure when it'll officially go back to normal.

Until then, I've compiled a visual (and unrealistic) shopping list for that happy day when there's no longer a strange bulge peeping out from the waistband of my fat jeans.

Red for Colorado City!

A fox for Knox!

All clothing can be found at Yes, I've included shoes, and no, my feet are not fatter than normal. But the shoes were awesome and needed to be seen.