Friday, September 30, 2011

Making it to the Weekend -or- How Do People Have More Than One Kid

How do people have more than one kid?  (Can I get a witness?  From all you 'First Time Moms' out there?)

You know how you can lose track of reality?  What I mean by this is, you know how stepping outside of your own point of view can sometimes bring 'reality' into clearer focus?

Hmmm.  Nothing can do that better than having visitors (ahem, your parents) in your home and seeing things as they see them.

Oh, that?  I'm sleeping on a towel in lieu of sheets because Knox spit up on them... a few days ago.  And I haven't gotten any back on the bed yet...

Ah, yes, I see you've noticed my registration and inspection stickers ARE expired... by three months...

Like Sarah touched on in a recent post of hers, there's sort of a hierarchy that happens when your baby sleeps.  It goes something like this.

Baby asleep?  Ok good, now you can do JUST ONE of these things.  More realistically, just about half of one.  (Listed in order of importance.  Importance to me I should emphasize.)

1.  Cook food.  Eat the food.  Or nap.
2.  Wash bottles.  Or nap.
3.  Wash dishes.  Or nap.
4.  Wash baby clothes/burp cloths.  Or nap.
5.  Wash adult clothes/sheets.  Or nap.
6.  Clean the house.  Or nap.

It should be noted here that sometimes the occasional episode of Mad Men or a blog entry can weasel its way ahead of these except for number 1.  It should also be noted that somehow, although 'napping' is included at every stage of the list, it rarely comes to fruition, despite my most valiant efforts.  Carry on.

Waaaaaay down here at the bottom of the list (meaning, the things I never, ever get to) we have

7.  All other things on theTo-Do list.  (Or... nap.)

When four hands aren't enough, thank goodness for parents and parents-in-law.  That's all. 

This morning I woke up thinking "FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY" and had this image in my head of Koby and I carrying all the weight of our weeks (me with art projects to grade, a baby carrier and spit up rags and him with footballs and helments and a school bus full of kids) and just flinging ourselves across a finish line marked with the beautiful letters: "F-R-I-D-A-Y".  I'm thinking I need to illustrate a version of this for posterity's sake.

 InstaFriday? Too busy to take many pictures on the phone. But I did get some real pictures with a real camera.