Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Koby and I don't really have a romantic story.

But that's not to say we don't have a love story.

The first Valentine's Day that we were together, I made him a card in one of my graphic design classes (with a waffle on it) and then we went to a BBQ joint with one of his friends.

On one Valentine's Day I was so sick that we cancelled dinner plans and Koby just sat on the couch with me, watching t.v. and intermittently bringing me medicine.

We have probably never successfully surprised each other with a gift, due to a combination of e-mail espionage and the basic inability to keep present secrets from one another.

We don't do grand gestures, we don't believe in Hallmark, and eight times out of ten we prefer grilling and TBS to dinner and a movie. Maybe we're boring according to St. Valentine, and even though some people may not understand our methods of showing affection (did you know a Diet Root Beer can mean "I'm sorry", "I'm thinking of you" or "Happy Valentine's Day"?), others do. I think some people don't notice love when it isn't dramatic and extravagant or if it doesn't sparkle - it's easy to overlook the Diet Root Beers out there when Edward Cullen is running around watching teenaged girls sleep. One of the best things I've ever heard said about Koby and me was after meeting and spending an evening with us at a wedding: a guy told his wife "I like them. They're so in love."

At first it made me laugh really hard. When I picture people "so" in love, I imagine more than diet soda and sea monkeys (my V-day gift for Koby today). But we are so in love, and I feel complimented that someone could tell that just from one evening.

There's something about being with your best friend that makes you feel young, happy and comfortable. That's why it's so awesome that I'm married to mine. What's better than feeling young and in love?  (Answer: getting to feel like that every day.  Especially on the days you're covered in baby poop and pureed carrots.) I might not shout it from the rooftops or spell it out on a banner in the sky, but I can blog about it.