Monday, February 20, 2012

Post # I-Forget of Let's-Get-Real

Did you know it's President's Day?  Apparently my district didn't.  Anyway.  Recap: GO!

Enter: super busy weekend
Exit: even trying to post every day

It was a valiant effort.  (Cue applause.)

I know you were eagerly awaiting the update on our Sea Monkeys.  They were knocked over by a visiting two-year-old before they had even hatched.  How have we been coping since the loss?

Well, Friday was Randy's (a.k.a. PaPa, which I have accidentally been spelling PawPaw) 50th birthday party in Albany at The Icehouse restaurant.  (See Facebook for pictures.)  It was fun and relaxing to be around family and fajitas.  It even worked perfectly with our crazy schedule because I traveled to Abilene that day to drop off some artwork for the Grace's Youth Art Month show... check out my students' work at our Art Dept. website.

Saturday was SING SONG! (For Knox and me - Koby went on a hunt that evening.  They got skunked.)  Elizabeth did an amazing job as a cute little firework in an act that was spectacular, astounding, impressive.  Again, great to see family, semi long lost friends AND to have backup when Knox got a little restless.  (At the tippy top of Section J smack dab in the middle.  ACU alumni, you feel me.)  Thankfully, he made it through until post-EOX performance.

Saturday was also Melissa's last basketball game.  Ever.  Finito.  (Sadly, no pictures.)  I can't even tell you how much I admire my younger sister for not only being a woman of integrity, but also for being an incredible athlete, a hard worker, and crazy smart to boot.  She's a graduate student (who graduated with, like a 3.99 as a business major) who works full time and still managed to become UT Tyler's leading women's basketball scorer of all time this year.  What's she going to do next?

Sunday we were visited by friends Derek and Kim as they made their way back from Sing Song, and THEN we visited Brooke and John, who just moved HERE!  What?  Yes!  Welcome to Colorado City, population: your new best friends.  Sunday was also the Day of Regret, as it was the final night before grades were due and Mrs. Andrews still had a pretty hefty stack of Rhythm + Variety Projects to grade.  Weeeeeeeeee.

Here we are in a new week, Knox is officially seven months old TODAY (no picture... yet), and did I hear someone say FIFTEEN (school) DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK?!  Oh, it was ME!