Friday, April 20, 2012

Senior Moments

I've been taking lots of senior pictures the past few weeks... well, 'lots' for a girl who said "My photography business isn't quite ready yet..." Ashli is a multi-talented and strong cancer survivor who loves to smile and use her testimony to encourage others.  She is heading to UNT to study psychology.

Cassandra is a senior who I've watched grow over the past two years - this year she started a movement on campus called SELF, aiming to eliminate bullying and to encourage people to be themselves, including a few days this year where girls were supposed to 'Toss the Gloss' and come to school sans makeup.  See the shirt when I ran the 5k.

Marisela is my super-talented, bilingual advanced art student who also happens to be very intelligent.  She is the kind of student who actually goes above and beyond - the kind of student I wish I would have been in high school... and maybe college too.  I wish she was staying next year to be my assistant, but I'm proud of her as she heads to WTC to study nursing.

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