Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Birthday

It's two days after Knox's first birthday and the day after his party, which naturally means that today I am looking for all of the odd objects I need that I cleaned hid in closets and under the beds before guests arrived yesterday afternoon.

What a day.  What a year.

It's hard to believe that a year ago we were meeting Knox for the first time, finally bringing him home and getting adjusted to the swelling of our family's numbers and what that looked like in our daily lives.  He was s o s m a l l.  I didn't quite appreciate how small he was then.  I mean that, have you picked him up lately?

Back in the days when you didn't dare look at Knox without having a burp rag handy.  

To me, Knox is a fascinating person and I am amazed daily that I have been blessed by God to be his mother.

I can't identify a greater joy than seeing Knox smile first thing as he wakes up in the morning, receiving one of his 'kisses' (he's a fan of open-mouth), or watching him take delight in anything from a rogue Cheerio discovered on the floor to being chased and tickled by his daddy.

I feel silly trying to write this blog entry - I feel silly trying to write something that can possibly sum up what this year has been for Koby and me.  I could tell you baby milestones (though I'm missing the monthly installment pictures... I dropped the ball around months 6-7, cool), I could tell you Knox's funny habits and the "I can't believe I did that" moments that have already happened in our fresh journey into parenthood, but I think it will just be enough (but not really enough at all) to say that it has been joyous and better than anything I can imagine.

Though tempting, I won't take you on a month-by-month picture tour of Knox's first year (though I tried at the party, but somehow the 700 or so picture slideshow wouldn't fit on the blank discs I had: I know everyone was really sad we couldn't watch that for the duration of the two hour party) and so we'll just fast-forward to yesterday.  BIRTHDAY.  PARTY.

Knox was his usual pleasant self.  Is it weird to say I'm proud of his little personality?  He will play with anyone, sit with anyone, talk with anyone and he brings joy wherever he goes - restaurants, Walmarts - the kid draws a crowd.  Of course, he had no idea what was going on as we opened present after present, forced him to take friendships with other babies 'to the next level', and insisted that he eat obscene amounts of blue sugar, but he endured it all with the same sweet temperament that he shows me every day.

With Aunt Melissa before the party.  Probably one of my favorite pictures.  Reeeeeeally wish the trash can wasn't in it.

Knox's first birthday cake and coincidentally, my first time to try and decorate a cake.  

Check out my balloon wall.

Knox and Poppa.

Knox and the Poppy-formerly-known-as-PaPa.  Poppy helped Knox open his first few presents.

Baby crocs to match Daddy's.

Knox didn't really understand the present-unwrapping portion of the party.  

"OHHHMAGAHHH is that cake?"

"Mom says I get cake."

Knox will eat bugs, trash, rocks, paper, and feathers, but I had to assure him that this blue stuff was indeed edible.

And thus began the tamest first birthday cake ceremony ever witnessed.  Knox is what you might call a 'food-lover', and he obviously doesn't believe in wasting cake by doing silly things like throwing it or smearing it all over his outfit.  These are classic signs of the amateur.


Sweet Kynleigh.

Knox likes to "fake share".  This is a game he plays where he'll offer food with a smile, then eat it himself.  Occasionally he will actually give the food to the other party, although this person might not appreciate his generous gesture of pre-wetting the food so it goes down easier.

Great-Grandmother Smith.

Great grandparents Gram and Pop and the hobby horse Gram made for Knox using Poppy's old jeans.

Baby Wyatt!!!!!

Forced hug.  Beckett came away from the exchange with some tasty blue icing and was a little more eager to repeat the experience than Knox was.  The other pictures even blurrier (word?) because I am laughing too hard to keep the camera still.  

Nana and Knox.

We didn't even try to make Knox look at the camera for this one.
The first birthday was surreal because like Beckett's mom, I am just really thrilled with myself that I have fed, cleaned, and nurtured a life for a year.  This is an accomplishment for someone who cannot keep potted cacti alive.  Both Koby and I entered into our new roles with startlingly little knowledge about babies, experience with babies, and honestly, interest in babies.  I am now 'that girl', that MOM.  I took pictures of my nekked baby in a bucket.  I drive a station wagon.  I used an iTunes gift card to buy Yo Gabba Gabba songs.  I carry a diaper bag instead of a purse... even when Knox is somewhere else.  I call diapers 'diapies' and poop 'shooey booey'.  Knox has changed our lives, and maybe we're less cool (yes I'll drag Koby right down with me), but our lives are infinitely fuller.  It's not even a comparison, not even worth considering a trade.

Anyway, so in addition to trying to wrap my mind around all of that, I also felt an immense sense of happiness and fulfillment in the love we felt yesterday at Knox's party.  Lots of friends and family were there to love on Knox and share in our celebration.  People were willing to travel (some very far!) to see my baby and smile and laugh with us for a few hours.  It's humbling and it makes us feel grateful that Knox already has so many wonderful people who care about him.  Grateful.  Just so, so grateful.

Here's to another year and to walking very, very soon!