Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second Anniversary, Second Son

Well, we're fresh from our little anniversary getaway trip that included a trip to the zoo, sinful amounts of food, and sleeping in past nine in the morning.  Happy two years to us!  It was fun to get away and hang out together sans the tot, although we both found ourselves doing our best 'Knox impressions' every few hours.

Koby's final words on the Fort Worth Zoo: "Well, that was fun, I just wish there were more tigers."  Koby's final words on the NYLO hotel where we stayed in Irving/Las Colinas: "That's the kind of place you wish you were staying maybe more than one day" and "I like those hotel pillows".  He should probably write online reviews for a living.

Aaaaaand say hello to yet another Pinterest project.  First and second anniversary photo-within-a-photo.  Glad that I'm baby beluga-sized this year instead of the regular blue whale I was last year - it makes for a much more comfortable July!  We're laughing in the first anniversary photo because it's the second take: in the first I was so rotund that the house literally shook when I ran from the self-timed camera to Koby and thus messed up the shot.  I had to walk the second time but barely made it in time to turn around and pose.  This year obviously went a lot smoother.  Ahhhh pregnancy.

And speaking of pregnancy, we are finally unveiling the name of the newest Andrews family member.  Are you prepared?  Get ready to meet

Hayes Brandon Andrews

come this November.  Tomorrow we're having another doctor's appointment and our follow-up sonogram to make sure that every thing is still moving on track.  Specific prayers that HAYES (I typed 'baby' but he has a name now!) is growing and developing according to schedule, with no more 'soft markers' for any Trisomy chromosomal abnormalities.

Knox is getting ready to be a big brother - mostly preparing by doing things like shouting his favorite word, "dog" (though he says "dod" or "gog"), refusing to practice walking, and trying as many new foods (and non-foods) as humanly possible.  I told him that he'd probably need to start pulling his weight around here a little more in preparation; helping out with the dishes and laundry, making his own meals, and learning to drive so he can cart Hayes around when Mommy is too tired.

He's taking it in stride.