Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why This Week Is Good

Reason #1
As of the last day of school until Monday, I was unemployed.  A few weeks ago I felt a little bit overwhelmed - what with the pregnancy and an ever-increasingly frustrating job situation.  But now you are reading the blog of the luckiest person ever, because I will be working in the childcare center where Knox will be every day during the next school year.  I'll be employed by the same school district Koby just got hired on with.  All day my son will literally be in the room next to me and my husband will be across the street.  And I might get to wear scrubs.  Or at least stretchy pants.  To work.

Reason #2
My husband is awesome.  I know this because I have a 'Honey-Do' board on Pinterest and he actually helps me accomplish the pins on that board.  Behold, the transformation of our hand-me-down table.

My BFF Belinda gave Koby and I this table when she got married and didn't have room for it anymore.  She's kind of the best, too.

Also on my Pinterest boards - DIY chemical-free stain made with steel wool and vinegar.  I used apple cider vinegar - this photo shows distilled white, but I poured it out and used the other instead.

After Koby sanded the table down, he cut and attached six 2"x6" boards to make the new table top.

I stained the table top and painted the underneath with some fresh white paint.  I love the new contrast.

What?!  Yes, I know.  It's beautiful.  Thanks husband.

Reason #3
My son is awesome.  I know this because he went from having six teeth to nine (including two boulder-size teeth waaaaay in the backity-back) in what's probably world-record time without making too much of a fuss.  Does this look like a teething baby?

Knox doesn't let back teeth coming in get him down.  He had a little teething fever today, but didn't let that stop him from being the best baby in the world.

He even helped me paint a new Pinterest-inspired canvas for our bedroom while Dad is working a few football camps.  Not our best creative work; but, in my defense it's a little hard to be a perfectionist while trying to prevent your infant from consuming acrylic paint.  Knox did a stellar job though.  Paint on the nose is completely fine.  Also, discovery: handprints (the on-purpose kind) aren't any easier to obtain at the age of one year than birth.  Awesome.

While Knox took a nap to recharge his creative juices, I hung the finished painting.  Not quite the color scheme that I had in mind, but my impatient self didn't want to dig in the spidery garage for the paint I needed.  So, my little ten dollar set worked out just fine.  I also may or may not have used some nail polish.

This summer I have so much to be thankful for - God has brought me to places where I have gotten the chance to be scared, frustrated, impatient, and unsure.  Places where I can even more ably feel his providence, guidance, and blessing.  It's been a little bit emotional and always humbling, but worth it.  I'm excited about where we're at, and where we're going.  And especially about the other Pinterest projects I can experiment with before school rolls around again.