Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flighty Fox

Koby has officially passed the 'Unwilling Model' torch on to his first-born son.

Behold, here is Knox the Fox Who Didn't Want To.  During our challenging photo shoot, while I was trying to move as little as possible (STAY, HAYES), Knox kept ripping off his fox hood and trying to put other things on his head.  Like the trick or treat bag I thought would be a cute prop.  (Prop?  Who am I and what expectations did I have for these pictures???)  Or the watering can on the porch.  Or the three baby pumpkins I thought would look cute in the shots, which I never quite managed to get in the frame.

Happy Halloween.  He also tried putting the fox hood back on, but refused help, and so we have this little gem.

Here he is last Halloween - it was a little easier to bend his will to that of the photographer's a year ago.

I've been debating all day whether or not to go to our church's Trunk or Treat this evening - I thought it would be fun for Knox and felt guilty that he was missing out on yet another Halloween (because he seems to enjoy it so...) but I don't think we'll go.  I don't think I should be walking around much, and let's be real - the best candy has peanuts in it and he can't have any.  I would be lying if I said a big part of me didn't want to go just for the candy haul I could make... but that doesn't seem quite like the Halloween spirit to me.  So Knox's impression of Halloween thus far in life will have to revolve around a fox hood and a camera.  Maybe he'll score some candy next year, and I fully intend on sharing the three bags of peanut-free tooth-rotting candy I bought to hand out with him.  And Koby.  But no one else.

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