Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

As a parent/mother/woman, it's sometimes my responsibility to force encourage my family to participate in cheesy, picturesque, sentimental memories.  As a subscriber to various platforms of social media, I naturally feel the need to fake post pictures of said greeting-card moments.  As your trusty blogger and friend, it is my duty to show you the reality of these tenderly tagged milestones.

Here is a more accurate depiction of what Pumpkin Patch Pictures 2012 (which I have been trying to make happen for weeks now) were really like for the Andrews family, clearly in opposition to anything you may see on a popular social networking site.  

Knox was not happy unless he was throwing pumpkins or walking around doing really uncute things.
I call this one "Fat Woman Falling".  Knox smiled for the first time*.
*Oh, except for about ten pictures during which he was behaving, smiling, and holding pumpkins (as opposed to throwing them) but my light meter was set wrong in my haste to capture the miracle.

It was awful.  So awful it became a little bit comical that we were even trying to take pictures at all, and that I'd forced Koby and Knox out on a humid, 83 degree October day to take fall pictures in a ridiculously windy pumpkin patch.  But, like I said.  I'm a mom.  That's my job, right?

If you'd like to see the opposite of what we were all feeling about our photoshoot today, you can look at our album on Facebook here.  Isn't it grand???