Saturday, September 10, 2011


Whoops.  Except that it's Saturday.  Ah, well.  Welcome to the life of a gridiron wife.  (I stole that from someone else before you think I'm a witty wordsmith.) 

Um, my parents have been here (Cancun) since Saturday.  It's ok to be jealous.  I'm so glad they're getting to take a relaxing vacation!

While it might not be a seaside view, I love front porch swing sessions with my son.  We've been enjoying weather in the 70s/80s this past week.  Seventy-seven degree weather makes me want to compose symphonies and play baseball and run around like an idiot - or at least spend as much time outside as I can.  (But we're expecting another round of triple digits the next week.  Laaaaaaaaaaame.)

Koby wanted brownies, and I went a little overboard.  We ended up with caramel and chocolate chip filled brownies, with liberal amounts of pecans and powdered sugar.  I got the recipe here ... I'll let her tell you all about them.  All I can say is, "Ditto."

Besides the eating, my favorite part of baking is flipping on the light and watching through the oven window.

Knox and I were both "sick" this week.  I lost my voice and have been battling a head cold and Knox has continued to be stuffy and a little hoarse too.  But no fevers yet, thank goodness!

On Thursday night Knox and I hung out with Lovie and PawPaw at the CMS football games, when Koby experienced his first head coaching win!  Knox hasn't worked out how to express his elation at the victory just yet.

This week was Homecoming week at CHS.  Here's one of my students sporting a t-shirt I designed for the Sound Crew.

Positives of the week:
  • a visit from Marie and her mom (no pictures!  How did I forget?)
  • a graduated student telling me again how much he had learned in art class.  He's taking an art class in college now and he says I 'taught him well'.  How encouraging!!  I LOVE MY JOB!
  • being able to sit right below the press box window where Koby was sitting during the Varsity game and getting to watch him laugh along with the other coaches on the headset
  • 8th grade, JV and Varsity Wolves football wins!
Keep the families in Texas who have been affected by the wildfires in your prayers - a lot of damage has been done!  And pray for rain...

life rearranged