Friday, September 16, 2011


What?  It's Friday again?  Thank goodness for dates on these cell phone pictures because my brain can't tell if they were taken yesterday or a month ago!  While we're on the subject, thank goodness for automatic online bill pay reminders, cell phone data plan usage reminders, students who remind teachers what time/class period/day it is...  Aren't there some vitamins I can take to get my brain back to normal???
Footprint Fail.  Koby and I tried to get Knox's footprints on this canvas earlier this week... and failed for the second time.  I'm not painting over them again.  What's funny is Knox printed perfectly for his grandmothers - they have matching canvases.  I'm alright with the reject prints though, the g-ma's are the ones I had in mind when I bought and painted these canvases anyway!  Glad Knox (somehow) managed to cooperate for theirs, the wiggle worm.

RAWR!!  This Milk Monster can be tamed with a bath.  He ♥ s bath time!

On Monday our school day began with an assembly during which we talked about and looked at pictures of 9/11.  On Sunday I hadn't really watched much television and so I hadn't looked at those old pictures in awhile - it really hit me hard.  As I was sitting in the auditorium surrounded by people who didn't really remember 9/11 (all my kids were born after 1993) I was struck by how incredibly thankful ( is that the right word?) I am that I was old enough to recognize the immensity of the situation.  Understand it?  No, I didn't.  It was a humble way to start the week, for sure.

Sometimes I need to paint, too.  Conference periods seem great for that.  Shhhh.

InstaChallenge of the Week "Something I Love"
Obvi, I love Knox, but what I'm really trying to show in this picture is how strong he's getting!  Our 8 week old is holding his head up great on his own and propping himself up (tremulously) on his arms during tummy time.  AND he's finally workin' that Buddha belly - normally, I don't encourage obesity, but to me, a fat baby = healthy, happy & satisfied baby.  :-)  And toned arm muscles for Mommy.

On Wednesday our sweet babysitter was sick and so I took the morning off to watch Knox, then Koby spent the afternoon with him and then brought him up to school at the end of my conference.  Knox was a little confused but it didn't stop him from treating my classroom like his own home (i.e. spitting up everywhere).

When Mrs. Andrews isn't around to regulate sugar consumption, the 'good' candy will be ravaged from the goodies jar.  While I was taking care of Knox, my morning classes managed to eat most of my candy.  Awesome.  They are all now candy-banned. 

Never thought I'd be partial to a guy with a balding pattern like this.  (Not to mention the drooling and copious occasions of  flatulence.)  Knox's hair WILL NOT FALL OUT and it kills me to see his little old man head.  It takes a mother to be proud of that rat-tail!
Koby and I are ready for the weekend - we have company (Ross and his sweet gf Alex) coming in town this Saturday afternoon with promises of fun times ahead.  I know Koby is for sure ready for a relaxing few days - he traveled four hours round trip last night with the Jr. High football teams and will be making the same journey tonight with the Varsity guys. 

We're thankful for the rain and cooler temperatures that rolled in yesterday!  It's feeling like September ought to feel and I am loving it.  I hope your week was good and that you enjoy the beginning, middle and end of your weekend as well!