Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brain Vacated

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If you'd prefer to operate under the assumption that your children are taught by perfect people / you were educated by prime-specimen humans, disregard this post now.

Although, if you think that and still read my blog, you need your head checked.

Today that whole "positive thing" flew out the window.  Probably the most positive thing I thought of all day was "ONE AND A HALF DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK" or something similar or far more inappropriate to post for the world to see.

I became Art Nazi today.  Today I found myself wishing my students were adults and not teenagers.

Today, a kid pulled out his phone and started texting someone while standing


You should know that teachers are 'supposed' to confiscate phones if they even SEE them.

So I say, "Put your phone away!  You're not supposed to be doing that!"

And he says,


"But Miss, I need to text someoneeeeee..."

My brain exploded.

And then I verbally exploded all over the kid.  Then he says,


"Why are you so angry?"

Did you know your brain can explode twice in one day?

But now I'm home and covered in a nice paint+charcoal mixture, my sixth period had a great success with a larger-than-life Frida portrait, Koby's making hamburgers and Knox is chomping down on some graham crackers and I've got some Cab in a coffee mug.  Life is good.

And Spring Break begins tomorrow at 1 p.m.  I think we can all make it.