Monday, March 12, 2012

Breaking in Style

Spring break 2K12 baby!  Koby and I have taken to yelling that in the house when we're feeling particularly wild or need to justify a second helping of mashed potatoes.

It's (nearly) spring and we're loving it.  Since our break started we've already been on a whirlwind adventure with my parents that took us to the metropolis of Kress, Texas, where Koby visited my grandparents' farm for the first time and Knox finally met my dad's parents, GranAu and Granddad Thomas.  My uncle Tracy, his wife Susan and two of their four boys, Landon and Brendan stopped by and met Knox, too.  It was the first time I'd seen Brendan since he was in diapers, and Landon is already taller than me.  Sheesh.

On Saturday, which also happened to be my mom's birthday, our band of travelers ran by Lubbock to visit Grandmother Smith (Mom's mom) and to eat some catfish (Knox stuck with blueberries and oats) then headed home the next morning.  Koby's Gram and Pop visited today so Knox is still basking in the warm glow of great-grandparent love.  And I can tell you he's worn out.  Wednesday takes Knox and me to Austin where we'll stay til Saturday... my parents are nearly beside themselves.  I don't know if we have time for all the planned activities.  Koby's parents just returned from their medical mission in Haiti and so we're hoping to see them once they're rested and we get back in town!

As always, I found relics to peruse at GranAu's house... this one was the senior annual of her own mother, Lora Lee, who went to high school at Post High in the 20s.  My great-grandmother.  It was funny to see pictures and read captions of teenagers decades ago who act exactly like the seniors I teach - except these wear flapper dresses and hats and call bf's beaux.  Really has me itching to do a vintage photo shoot, if I ever end up taking pictures again.  So those pics are strewn in among other from the weekend.

"When long dresses were in style."

This dress would probably be the most unflattering thing I could put on my body.  She pulls it off, though.

Senior girls posing for the camera.  This might be the 20s version of today's hand-on-hip+head-tilt.

"She can look innocent."

Powder Puff Football. Check out these names!  Octavia, Willetha... a veritable mine of unique baby names if you're in the market!  Lora Lee is the second from the right.

"So ugly she hurt."

Knox with cousin Landon, who declined us all a trumpet performance.

Grandmother Smith.

Granddad Thomas

GranAu Thomas

Tracy and three future Gobs?